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Viennale and COVID-19

The Viennale is acutely aware of its responsibility as a major event in times of a pandemic, especially since the nature of our festival is rooted in communality – in the participation in a public event that brings together films, filmmakers and audiences. In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable festival for everyone, we have developed a detailed COVID-19 prevention concept that takes into account all the currently applicable measures.

In order to be able to guarantee the prescribed distance in the auditorium, the seating capacity of the cinemas must be greatly reduced. To compensate for this, the Viennale will use five additional cinemas – the Circuit Cinemas – in addition to its five traditional venues. In front of the Gartenbaukino, a generous canopy will extend the foyer area, thus providing a better waiting situation for visitors outside.


The Austria-wide basic measures apply:

Please wear a face mask in all areas of the cinema, also during the screening.
Please keep a minimum distance of 1 meter to other persons.
Regular hand hygiene is guaranteed by sanitizer stations at all festival locations.

Please stay away from the festival locations

if you have COVID-19 symptoms or if you fear that you have been infected
if you have had contact with a person who has COVID-19.


Only allocated seats are offered, either single seats or pairs of seats. There will always be a seat kept free between single seats or pairs of seats.
Contact Tracing: In order to be able to trace possible infections, we ask all visitors to provide their e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers when purchasing tickets.
There is the option for print-at-home tickets to minimize direct contact.
As in previous years, there will be an evening box office and the possibility to buy remaining tickets.
At Gartenbaukino, the box offices for regular and remaining tickets are located in front of the cinema under the outdoor canopy.


In all festival locations a face mask must be worn from the moment you enter until you leave the buidling. Your face mask must also be worn during the entire screening.
The officially prescribed distance of 1 meter to other persons must be kept. Please avoid situations of congestion, especially when collecting tickets, at entrances and exits and in the sanitary facility areas.
Where possible, admission to the cinema auditorium will be via several entrances to ensure a smooth and safe procedure.
Please take the seat indicated on your ticket. Non-allocated seats are cordoned off. For reasons of contact tracing, changing seats is not allowed.
This year, tickets will lose their validity once the screening begins. This means: No admission for late arrivals after the screening has started.


The Viennale will not be providing a festival center as a public meeting place this year.
The Viennale team undergo regular COVID-19 tests before and during the festival.
In the case of cancellations – due to the Covid-19 situation or for other reasons- of film screenings, the Viennale will reimburse the full value of all purchased tickets.


Should you test positive for COVID-19 within ten days of a Viennale visit or be classified as a possible case, please do not only contact the health hotline 1450, but also inform us immediately at

For further questions about the COVID-19 measures, please contact the Viennale at

Update: October 19, 2020.