Kevin Jerome Everson (Special BROKEN SEQUENCE) | © Viennale/Ruth Ehrmann

Viennale 2014 - day 9

Impressions of festival day 9 - October 31

The 9th festival day brought up the screenings of  some V'14-Specials: Deborah Stratman's and Kevin Jerome Everson's film (both Special BROKEN SEQUENCE) were shown as well as the works of Tariq Tequia (IN FOCUS Tariq Tequia) and Els van Riel (Special REVOLUTIONS IN 16MM). Furthermore, Stephane Batut's LE RAPPEL DES OISEAUX, Nils Malmro's SORG OG GLAEDE, Josh Josimovic's ÜBER LEBEN, Simon Spitzer's HOLZ EINRÄUMEN, Eugene Green's LA SAPIENZA uns J.L.Godard's ADIEU AU LANGAGE were part of the program.