"Be Sand, not Oil" – Discussion on the special «Revolutions in 16mm» with guests and curators at the Viennale festival center; f. l.: Michael Omasta (Falter, Synema), Haden Guest (Harvard Film Archive, Co-Kurator REVOLUTIONS IN 16MM), Silvia das Fadas (Film maker), Philipp Fleischmann (Schule Friedl Kubelka, film maker), Bernd Brehmer (Werkstattkino München, Underdox), Katja Wiederspahn (Viennale, Co-curator REVOLUTIONS IN 16MM) | © Viennale / Ruth Ehrmann

Viennale 2014 - Day 4

Impressions of festival day 4 - October 26

On the 4th festival day, the screenings of BRANCO SAI, PRETO FICA (Claudio Iranaeus, Adirley Queiros), BALADNA ALRAHEEB (Mohammad Ali Atassi), PULP: A FILM ABOUT LIFE, DEATH AND SUPERMARKETS (Mark Webber und Florian Habicht) and EL COLOR QUE CAYO DEL CIELO (Sergio Wolf) took place in the presence of the directors. On occasion of the SPECIAL: REVOLUTIONS IN 16mm the book “Be Sand, Not Oil. The Life and Work of Amos Vogel” was presented and guests as well as curators of the special discussed.
Hoda Mohajerani, singer-songwriter and poet, played at the festival center later in the evening.