FIPRESCI-Preisträgerin Rebecca Zlotowski (GRAND CENTRAL) | © Viennale (Alexander Tuma)

Viennale 2013 - day 13

Impressions – festival day 13
Rebecca Zlotowski received the FIPRESCI award by the International Federation of Film Critics for her film GRAND CENTRAL. Silvan Zürcher (DAS MERKWÜRDIGE KÄTZCHEN) was awarded the Standard Viennale Audience Award. Sandro Aguilar (JEWELS), Gianfranco Rosi (SACRO GRA), Gerardo Naumann and Nele Wohlatz (RICARDO BÄR), Gustav Deutsch (SHIRLEY), Sasha Pirker (LIVEPAN), Elisabeth M. Klocker (MARA MATTUSCHKA) as well  as Volker Koepp (IN SARMATIEN) held q & a sessions.
At the Viennale festival center Wolfgang Mantler (Canon Austria) presented the new Canon Pro Imaging Series. The discussion „Safety Last – from Jerry Lewis to Will Ferrell“ with Emmanuel Burdeau, Chris Fujiwara, Andrea B. Braidt and Lisa Nesselson followed. "American Nostalgia" was the musical motto by Adia & Trishes.
The festival guests dined at Figlmüller.