V'20 Trailer

Viennale Trailer 2020

AD UNA MELA by Alice Rohrwacher

We owe this year’s trailer to one of the great contemporary women filmmakers, Alice Rohrwacher. Shot on 16 mm film, it plays with the mystery of creation and the magic of light and shadow from which cinema is born. It’s an invocation to the return to innocence, which is the prerequisite for every new discovery, the driving force behind the eternal cycle of life. An excerpt from Pablo Neruda’s poem “Oda a la manzana” (“Ode to the Apple”), performed by the author himself, at the same time praises the film, the precious moment of a rediscovery and a new creation:

Cuando mordemos
tu redonda inocencia
por un instante
a ser
también recién creadas criaturas
aún tenemos algo de manzana.

“When we bite into
your round innocence
we too regress
for a moment
to the state
of the newborn:
there is still some apple in us all.”

Der VIENNALE Trailer 2020