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Closing Date: V'18

Director Victor Kossakovsky, Viennale 2018 awards ceremony, winners of the evening: directors Sudabeh Mortezai and Sara Fattahi, directors Christian Frosch, Wolfgang Fischer, Roberto Minervini, César Vayssié and producers Bady Minck and Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu as well as Electric Indigo and KLARA at the festival centre.

Festival day 14: V'18

School screening of MATANGI | MAYA | M.I.A. Director Steve Loveridge. Curator Haden Guest Premiere of SIE IST DER ANDERE BLICK. Director Christiana Perschon and the film team. Guest dinner at COMIDA (1010 Vienna).


Festival day 13: V'18

Director Giorgio Ferrero, director Adina Pintilie and the film team, director Yeo Siew Hua, directors Virgil Widrich and Sigfried A. Fruhauf, Vienna Film Prize Jury, Added Value Prize Jury and FIPRESCI Jury, Guest Dinner at XPEDIT.

Festival day 12: V'18

Director Sara Fattahi, director Paul Rosdy and his team, director Menelaos Karamaghiolis, director Debra Granik, director Volker Koepp and dramaturg / co-author Barbara Frankenstein, director Kent Jones, actress Tilda Swinton, Master Class with Mariano Linás.

Festival day 11: V'18

Directors Ricky D'Ambrose, Mariano Llinás, Ogata Takaomi director Vera Czermerinski and cameraman Robert Newald, director Nils Olger, director Steve Loveridge, guest dinner in Motto (1050 Vienna).

Festival day 10: V'18

Premiere of the film JOY, director Sudabeh Mortezai, director Daniel Zimmermann and cameraman Gerald Kerkletz, director Dora García, director Rick Alverson and guest dinner at the LABSTELLE (1010 Vienna).

Festival day 9: V'18

Directors Claire Simon and Eva Trobisch, actress Aenne Schwarz, premiere of INTRODUZIONE ALL'OSCURO, director Gastón Solnicki and director Donal Foreman.

Festival day 8: V'18

Fabrice Aragno and Nicole Brenez, Stefan Ettlinger and Hans-Ulrich Sappok, Christoph Friedel, César Vayssié as well as the premiere of UTE BOCK SUPERSTAR with Houchang Allahyari and Team and Schmieds Puls DJ-Set with Mira Lu Kovacs and Kristin Gruber.

Festival day 7: V'18

Premiere STYX with Wolfgang Fischer and team, directors Maria Alché, Paul Grivas, Radu Jude, Stefano Savona, Halloween party with Andrés | Flo Real | Adam Brandis, the annual Viennale-Lusthausfest.

Festival day 6: V'18

Directors Stephanus Domanig and his team, Roberto Minervini, Oleksandr Techynskyi, Pablo Sigg, Ognjen Glavonic. Guest food, book presentation in the festival centre.

Festival day 5: V'18

Directors Ognjen Glavonic, Yervant Gianikian, Pablo Sigg, Daniel Schmidt, Gudrun Krebitz, Sofia Bohdanowicz and Melanie Scheiner, Albert Sackl, producer Zack Parker, industry cocktail, book presentation in the festival centre.

Festival day 4: V'18

Director Julio Hernández, Derek Chiu, Yervant Gianikian, Fabrizio Ferraro and producer Luís Miñarro, Viennale-Aperitivo with Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Berlin) and more.

Festival day 3: V'18

Director Dominga Sotomayor, Lav Diaz, Hamaguchi Ryusuke, Helena Wittmann and sound designer Nika Breithaupt, actor Vincent Macaigne, Jean-François Stévenin in conversation with Yann Dedet, Viennale-Aperitivo and more.

Festival day 2: V'18

Director Gaspar Noé, premiere of ANGELO by director Markus Schleinzer, Richard Billingham, Radu Muntean and many others.

Festival day 1: V'18 opening

Opening film LAZZARO FELICE, film director Alice Rohrwacher, Viennale director Eva Sangiorgi, Managing Director Eva Rotter, opening-ceremony guests, festival centre - opening party