Special Program SURVIVING IMAGES © Viennale


Jewish Life in German language Silent Films 

On the occasion of the internationally acclaimed reconstruction and restoration of the Austrian silent film DIE STADT OHNE JUDEN (“The City Without Jews”), Filmarchiv Austria traces the vestiges of Jewish culture, history and stories as part of this year’s Viennale retrospective, Surviving Images.

A few years before the Shoah, the unprecedented mass murder of the Jewish population, Jewish life had been captured in films in a more vivid and immediate way than ever before. Austrian and German silent films, in particular, proved to be an impressive medium to document what would soon be almost completely eradicated. 

Curated by Filmarchiv Austria and commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First Austrian Republic, Surviving Images recalls Jewish life that is documented in these silent films and has survived only in the form of moving images. As this has also been made possible thanks to the efforts of film archives, their work will be presented as well. The retrospective features 14 programs, including seven newly restored versions by Filmarchiv Austria. The screening of all the silent films will be accompanied by live contemporary music. 

The Filmarchiv’s contribution to the Viennale 2018 will complement the exhibition “Die Stadt ohne” (“The City Without”) that runs until the end of the year. Taking DIE STADT OHNE JUDEN (“The City Without Jews”) as a point of departure, it compares the historical background of this Austrian silent film with the anti-Semitism and xenophobia of today. 

A Program by Filmarchiv Austria.