Tribute: Manoel de Oliveira

How Green was my Valley

A Tribute to filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira – remembered by Pedro Costa

One of the most important masters of modern-day cinema – Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira – died at the age of 105 last spring.

His oeuvre, encompassing nearly the entire history of film, fuses not only theatre and music, documentary and narrative, literature and painting, realism and stylisation, but also all forms and stories in their contrariety, amalgamating them into one hitherto unknown, integral whole. Who will ever recreate the world and the home, history and the river, soldiers and lovers, far-away countries and the native Douro valley with such a wonderful sense of vitality and vibrancy in a movie? Involving true labour of love, Portuguese director Pedro Costa has selected about a dozen films from the vast oeuvre of, and in tribute to, Manoel de Oliveira upon the Viennale’s invitation.

The films also form part of a larger project dedicated to Manoel de Oliveira, to be realised by the Viennale and the Austrian Film Museum jointly this coming fall.

Curated by Pedro Costa.