Tribute: Kenneth Lonergan

You Can Count on Him
Screenwriter and Filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan

Born in New York in 1962, Kenneth Lonergan started writing early on; initially plays and later scripts such as the one for the successful comedy ANALYZE THIS (1999). His screenplay for GANGS OF NEW YORK (2002) earned him his second Oscar nomination after having received his first for the script of his directorial debut, the multiple award-winning YOU CAN COUNT ON ME. Afterward, all doors seemed to be wide open to him. Even so, the very next project, MARGARET, was blocked for years due to raging disputes about the final cut. Yet the director didn’t lose heart. His subsequent film, MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, turned out to be an undisputed triumph. Kenneth Lonergan’s slender, powerful work is characterized by a wealth of nuances, realism and the refusal of simplifying depictions or solutions. His stories and the simultaneously sober and empathetic way in which they are staged, represent a stroke of luck for contemporary cinema. The Viennale is delighted to present Lonergan’s work to date in this tribute; accompanied by three films the director has chosen as part of a carte blanche.

In the presence of Kenneth Lonergan