Tribute: Christopher Walken

A Tribute to Christopher Walken

The American actor Christopher Walken is one of the most exceptional and unconventional figures in American cinema from the past few decades. His roles in about 100 productions include some of the most legendary films in the more recent history of cinema, such as THE DEER HUNTER, KING OF NEW YORK or AT CLOSE RANGE. And sometimes a single cameo appearance by Walken, like the one in TRUE ROMANCE, is enough to make a whole film forever unforgettable. Due to his slightly sinister looks and his particular, sonorous way of speaking, broken up by strange pauses, early on he was typecast as the bad guy, the outcast and sometimes as a psychopath. But he is much more than that. Christopher Walken is a trained dancer, something that repeatedly becomes apparent in his roles. He also has a good sense of highly subtle humor and cool self-irony. And in the most wonderful moments, Walken is everything at once: a dancing and dangerous, funny and ominous, but above all, great and completely singular actor in a series of outstanding films.