Special: Revolutions in 16mm

Revolutions in 16mm
Towards an Alternate History of the Small Gauge

Many of the greatest revolutions in twentieth century cinema were made possible only by the invention of 16mm. From Direct Cinema to the many still resonating waves of avant-garde film, the dynamic mobility, accessibility and unprecedented intimacy of 16mm cameras and equipment empowered and invented filmmakers on a still unrecognized scale. Yet, despite its tremendous influence, the history of 16mm cinema remains unacknowledged and largely unwritten. In twelve distinct, often provocative, chapters, this retrospective chronicles an unofficial, alternate history of the revolutionary small gauge by defining and exploring major genres of 16mm cinema: the diary film, wartime reportage, home movies, radical ethnography, among them. At the same time this series showcases the work of master filmmakers Nathaniel Dorsky, Marie Menken, Marjorie Keller, Leobardo López Aretche, and others – who have expanded the infinite possibilities of 16mm as an artists’ medium and whose work points towards a possible future of the small gauge.

Curated by and in presence of Haden Guest and Katja Wiederspahn
A short introduction will be given at the beginning of each program.

Also in the presence of Bernd Brehmer (Werkstattkino München).