Special: Rappaport, Robertson, Rousseau

THE 3 Rs

Films by Anne Charlotte Robertson, Mark Rappaport and Jean-Claude Rousseau

Taking the place of last year’s “Broken Sequence,” this series of independent short films was possibly put together based on the following consideration: Let’s take the smart Mark Rappaport, who alienates the understanding of film history in his essay collages. Add his extraordinary fellow American compatriot Anne Charlotte Robertson (1949–2012), who makes her painful personal story tangible in her intimate diary films. And complement this with the French Jean-Claude Rousseau, who, as a distant relative of Robertson in terms of his approach to everyday observations, sharpens our perception. It’s quite possible that far more extensive considerations led to “The 3 Rs.” In any case, they require an alert, emotionally mature and considerate audience. Take a peek and find out for yourself how they fit together.

In the presence of Mark Rappaport and Jean-Claude Rousseau.