Special Program: They Wanted To See Something Different

Filmstill from Ridley Scotts ALIEN

A Short Story of Eeriness

“They wanted to see something different, but something different saw them first!” These strong words mark the beginning of the trailer for the small, rough horror movie THE HILLS HAVE EYES. This sensational advertising slogan sums up the topic of cinema of the abnormal in an amazingly pragmatic way.
It is our seemingly insatiable thirst for the unusual and the unknown that repeatedly leads to our downfall. With our relentless quest for the supposed truth, we evoke misfortune time and time again. In our constant restlessness, we are more than ready to cross borders – at least in cinema. We feel safe within the anonymity of the audience and the narrow cinema seat – and are caught off-guard again and again. Our latent fear of the unknown – this certain “something” – which is also the fear of our own death, materializes and manifests itself on the screen in the shape of horrible monsters, alien life-forms, grotesque mutations, or a beast in the guise of a human being that make our fear visible and tangible, so that we are in the position to fight it.

In the presence of curator Jörg Buttgereit.