Special: Kinkdom Come

The British Band The Kinks and Cinema

The Rolling Stones might have been more famous, the Beatles more innovative and The Who wilder. But no one else could cast the lifestyle of the Sixties into such accomplished song vignettes like the composer Ray Davies with his band The Kinks. He considered himself to be a poet of the ordinary people, dreaming of happiness around the rural Village Green, and doing without macho behavior and hymns of praise to the excessive rock ’n’ roll lifestyle: “I am so lazy, don’t want to wander, I stay at home at night” are lines from possibly his most beautiful song, Waterloo Sunset. The two documentary films by Julien Temple portray the siblings Ray and Dave Davies, who were the creative axis of The Kinks from the very beginning. Even so, guitarist Dave was always lagging behind his overly talented elder brother and almost came to ground because of it. WEIRD NIGHTMARE and RETURN TO WATERLOO, in turn, show that Ray Davies, who studied art at the Croydon College in London, also cut a good figure as a filmmaker with works that oscillated between documentation and surreal fiction.
Based on an idea by Nada Torucar.

In the presence of Julien Temple.