Special: Jacques Rivette

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Cinema Belongs to Us
In memory of Jacques Rivette (1928–2016)

At the beginning of this year, the great French filmmaker Jacques Rivette died at the age of 87 in Paris. With him, one of the most mysterious figures of modern cinema disappeared. Rivette was a player, a magician, an agent provocateur and a true explorer of the Nouvelle Vague. His cinematic work was far more wayward and unpredictable than that of most of his contemporaries. For our festival, Rivette always represented a point of reference, a part of our history and an example of the possibilities and risks of cinematographic work. In memory of Jacques Rivette, the Viennale presents a small program of selected films, including three only recently discovered early works. “People always knew that leaves moved in the wind,” Rivette once wrote about early cinema, “but now they could suddenly see it.” 

In the presence of Véronique Manniez-Rivette and Bulle Ogier.