Special: Ida Lupino


Producer and Director Ida Lupino

Ida Lupino was a prominent film star before she started her career as a director in 1949. Having acted in Hollywood since 1933, it was primarily her portrayals of tough gangster molls and demimondaines in Warner movies such as THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT (1940) and HIGH SIERRA (1941) that shaped the image of the thespian, who was born the daughter of actors in London, England, in 1918. Rather unsatisfied with her career as a star, she became interested in the technical aspects of filmmaking in the late 1940s. From 1949 to 1953, Lupino produced/directed six B-movies, featuring comparatively unusual themes, with a low budget and a realistic, unsentimental approach, and thus played an exceptional role as a female filmmaker in Hollywood. When, in 1953, her production company collapsed, she already had another string to her bow: as the co-founder of the Four Star television program, she shot episodes of successful TV series’ in the 1950s and 1960s. Ida Lupino died in 1995 in Burbank, California.