Special: Heinz Emigholz

Architecture is among the most important themes in Heinz Emigholz’s work, to which the 1948-born filmmaker, who was professor for Experimental Film at the Berlin University of the Arts from 1993 to 2013, dedicated an extensive cycle. In these “hardcore documentaries” (Emigholz’s words) about architects and civil engineers, he captured their buildings in fixed takes in their current state. In 2012 Emigholz announced the end of his architecture films when he was confronted for the first time with financial claims because of so-called “image rights for buildings.” Subsequently, the director fell into an artistic crisis. His breakdowns and breakthroughs have found expression in STREETSCAPES, a cycle of four films that combine established narrative structures with new ones: two classical architecture films are flanked by a documentary, which links thoughts about streets to the work of the Düsseldorf band Kreidler in a recording studio, and by an autobiographical feature film about the director’s conversations with a psychologist. 
In the presence of Heinz Emigholz.