Special: Fritz Kortner

Whether on stage or in the cinema, in silent movies or sound films, in German or English, as a versatile actor, dedicated screenwriter or exacting director: Fritz Kortner (1892–1970), born and trained in Vienna, would invariably oppose routine thoughtless ness and conventional appearances, consistently searching for fresh, authentic expression. Th e suc cessful star of Berlin in the 1920’s, both on stage and in film, was indeed interested in directing. Well estab lished in Hollywood, he returned to Germany in 1947, aiming to help rebuild cultural life from the ruins the Nazis had left. Even if Kortner’s cinematic oeuvre never shaped the style of film as much as he left an im pact on theatre, many of his film roles as well as the the work resulting from his scripts and his few direct ing works continue to be worth seeing. Obsessed with the desire to create, his inconvenient individualism has remained intellectually challenging to this day.

Curated by Armin Loacker und Martin Girod.