Five Positions of Independent Experimental Cinema   

Last year, the Viennale introduced a compiled special program, consisting of mainly avant-garde works by a number of female directors, from the Argentinean doyenne Narcisa Hirsch to the young French filmmaker Mati Diop. This interesting and successful program format will be continued this year with five further positions of experimental, independent cinema of greatly varying moments, which, however, are linked through their political and aesthetic relevance, and, above all, through their conscious and reflective dealing with cinematic footage and its implications.  The program ranges from political montage and agitation films by the late († 2003) Afro-Cuban director Nicolás Guillén Landrián, who was partly ostracized in Cuba, to the completely independent, playful experiments with space, time and movement by the young Austrian filmmaker Johann Lurf. From the subtle feminist abstractions of the American Jennifer Reeder to the pure playing and experimentation with cinematic dispositives in the form of actionist interventions by the artist duo Gibson/Recode. And, finally, there’s the fascinating, minimalist spatial surveying by filmmaker Claudia Larcher, movements between mathematical abstraction and cinematographic frenzy. “The Raw and the Boiled” of cinema is not so much the sum of the cinematic works presented here, but rather an example of the multi-faceted, individual artistic and aesthetic practices, which are loosely and temporarily connected in this program of the Viennale 2013.