Special: Carmen Cartellieri

Her stellar but only short-lived career could have been taken from a script. Seemingly out of nowhere, Carmen Cartellieri first appeared in Hungarian films in 1918. The autodidact’s roles covered an exceptionally wide spectrum, ranging from crime movies and genre pictures all the way to comedies. She made a name for herself at the side of director Cornelius Hintner at the Budapest film companies Star and Astra. In 1919, Cartellieri and Hintner moved to Vienna, where an unprecedented media campaign made her a star. Together they made two acclaimed productions of their own, which ultimately led to the foundation of the company Cartellierifilm GmbH. The years during the inflationary period from 1920 to 1923, in which the Austrian film industry boomed, marked the climax of her career. She was among Vienna’s most well-known actresses, occasionally taking the first place in audience ratings. 

Following intense research and restoration work in recent years, the Filmarchiv Austria has rediscovered a whole series of previously lost films with Carmen Cartellieri. At the Viennale 2017, the Filmarchiv will be showing an extensive presentation of the work of this almost forgotten Austrian film pioneer. A first publication dedicated to Cartellieri is issued in the new edition "Filmgeschichte Österreich".
Curated by Armin Loacker. All programs are accompanied live with music.