V’18: OCTOBER 25 – NOVEMBER 8, 2018

Special: Broken Sequence. Drei Positionen...

­­Three exponents of contemporary independent cinema

Following on from last year’s “The Raw and the Cooked”, the Viennale this year again dedicates a Special Program to experimental film. “Broken Sequence” assembles works that do not necessarily belong together – or are at best loosely connected – but benefit from being combined: experimental, courageous, clever, socio-politically and aesthetically relevant as well as formally independent cinema. What all these works have in common, despite any differences in artistic interest, is that they want to involve the audience in the immanent reflective process. In other words: viewers are invited to make up their own mind about what they see. About the only seemingly casual films of Kevin Jerome Everson on ordinary life, abstraction and truth. About American Deborah Stratman’s artful films on nationalism, freedom and truth. About the works – that have moved from the art gallery to the cinema – of Austrian media artist Dorit Margreiter on space, perception – and truth. “Watch global, think local”, as it were. (Roman Scheiber)