Special: Asian Delights

Examples of a New Asian Genre Cinema in 3D – A Midnight Series

While the feeling is that the 3D boom in Hollywood has almost passed its zenith, Asia is still approaching 3D with a far more open mind. A small, but spectacular midnight program of the Viennale 2013 will present six current 3D films, which were well received in their respective countries of origin. The legend of the cheeky monkey king Sun Wukong, who takes on the powers of heaven, has been filmed in the Chinese cultural sphere numerous times in the past. The imaginative animated cartoon THE MONKEY KING: UPROAR IN HEAVEN (DA NAO TIAN GONG, 1961/1964) by Su Da and Chen Zhihong is regarded as the most famous version. In 2012 this classic was completely restored and adapted to 3D. The tremendous box-office success of JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONqUERING THE DEMONS (XI YOU XIANG MO PIAN, 2013), directed by Hong Kong’s star comedian Stephen Chow, proves the undiminished popularity of the subject matter. Hong Kong’s 3D production also draws on the city’s rich cinematic legacy. Andrew Lau (INFERNAL AFFAIRS) shot a remake of a Shaw Brothers classic from the year 1979, entitled THE GUILLOTINES (XUE DI ZI, 2012), which is both an action-packed and philosophical parable about an imperial élite unit that becomes enmeshed in the wheels of history. Stephen Fung’s TAI CHI HERO (TAIJI YINGXIONG JUEqI, 2012) picks up the thread of his action film Tai Chi Zero. Vikram Bhatt, the grandson of film pioneer Vijay Bhatt, shot the first Indian 3D film with HAUNTED (2011), scoring great success with his story about a haunted house. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the program is the sword-combat 3D film THE LADY ASSASSIN (MY NHAN KE, 2013) by Nguyen quang Dung – a spectacular example of Vietnamese action cinema, which is absolutely unknown in this part of the world.

Curated by Leo Moser and Andreas Ungerböck.