Special Program: Analog Pleasure 2018


A cry of joy echoes through the offices of the Viennale when it becomes clear that one of the selected films is available in an analog screening format and actually also playable. This year, only five analog films, four of them short works, are found in the festival’s current program, and another five in the historical series, not counting the works featured in this Analog Pleasure special program. In short, the Viennale is meanwhile fighting for every centimeter, or more precisely, every frame of analog film; the situation is more than precarious. All the greater is the incentive and the joy of being able to present a program dedicated to the various forms of analog cinema once again. For a festival that can afford long strolls through the history of cinema, analog cinema represents the flesh on its bones. It breathes life into the film experience and makes clear that cinema can and should be a place of sensual experience: an experience of being affected or impressed by means of our five senses, while we witness the projection of a film onto a screen that blossoms only through the materiality of the projected, the analog film. 
Curated by Katja Wiederspahn.