Special: Analog Pleasure 2017

Following the successful debut of this special in 2016, we will show the second series of films that are devoted explicitly to analog cinematic pleasure at the 2017 festival. For many years, the Viennale has pursued the policy of presenting, whenever possible, all the films of the program in their original format. This, however, has become increasingly difficult due to digitalization, the related dwindling demand for analog screening copies, and the resulting lower commitment of license holders as well as film archives to keep available films in analog format once digital copies of them have been produced. Thus it is all the more urgent to provide a clearly defined platform for analog cinema, a mission we gladly fulfill with the following four programs. These feature films in the four most common analog formats – 8mm, 16mm, 35mm and 70mm – when possible in restored versions or at least in new copies. The works are selected to emphasize specific aspects of filmmaking in the respective formats.
Curated by Katja Wiederspahn