Special: Analog Pleasure

The Film Festival as Cinematheque

At a time during which a film festival is the last place, apart from archives and cinematheques, where films are presented in the form that their makers conceived and created them, the Viennale is starting a small series entitled “Analog Pleasure.” It shows a selection of analog works in various film formats – from 8mm in the small Eric-Pleskow-Saal at the Metro Kinokulturhaus to 70mm in the large Gartenbaukino. The idea behind this program is to make the presentation of analog material part of the festival, that is, to address a way of perception that is a genuine cinematographic one. And not doing it with the strained aspiration to educate and instruct, but for the pure viewing experience of a series of unusual cinematic works. These include restored copies of selected 8mm films by the legendary Berlin artist group Die Tödliche Doris from the first half of the 1980s, the central French experimental film LA VALLÉE CLOSE (1995) by Jean-Claude Rousseau in a 16mm copy, and Stephanie Rothman’s feminist sexploitation debut film THE STUDENT NURSES (1970), produced by Roger Corman. Furthermore, Jacques Tati’s masterpiece PLAYTIME in the original 70mm version can be seen in Austria for the first time.