In Focus: Tariq Teguia

For several years now, the Algerian photographer and filmmaker Tariq Teguia, born in 1966, has not only been his country’s most important director but also one of the most significant political chroniclers of the so-called “Arab Spring.” Rather than directly documenting historical events, however, he is a politicalaesthetic researcher, a storyteller and narrator of lost and repressed Arab identity. From the young couple in ROMA WA LA N’TOUMA (ROME RATHER THAN YOU, 2006), torn between their Algerian roots and their desire for change and emigration to the photographer and surveyor of a lost homeland in GABBLA (INLAND, 2008) to Tariq Teguia’s most recent work, THWARA ZANJ (ZANJ REVOLUTION, 2013), about the buried tradition of resistance and revolt in the long, rich, Arab history – the filmmaker dedicates all his efforts to issues about one’s own identity, about violence and lived history. This small cinematic work is a great, radical challenge, an aesthetic and political provocation, and, basically, no more and no less than a passionate evocation of another possible, utopian Arab world. The festival program “Tariq Teguia in Focus” presents a selection of shorter works as well as the three feature-length films by this exceptional contemporary director.

In presence of Tariq Teguia.