In Focus: Roberto Minervini


Roberto Minervini, born in 1970 in Fermo, Italy, is an unconventional director and interested in the so-called “humiliated and offended.” Although he is occasionally referred to as a documentary filmmaker, his works break with conventional categories and often convey more political insight than a gossipy editorial. Minervini consistently carries out his projects with a tiny budget, hardly any public funding and uses amateur actors, who also lend his films their truth. Shooting over long periods of time, during which he collects footage of up to 100 hours, he wins the trust and friendship of the people he films. This enables him to get close to them with the camera and to create scenes of moving authenticity that are rarely found in contemporary cinema. The faces of various actors return in his Texas trilogy – THE PASSAGE, LOW TIDE and STOP THE POUNDING HEART – and some of them reappear in THE OTHER SIDE, filmed in 2015 in Louisiana. There, Minervini also shot his most recent movie, WHAT YOU GONNA DO WHEN THE WORLD’S ON FIRE?, which premiered at this year’s Venice Film Festival. And now, for the first time in Vienna, we have the opportunity to get to know this exceptional and expressive filmmaker, whose work has long deserved a wider audience.

In the presence of Roberto Minervini.