In Focus: Manuel Mozos

Manuel Mozos

Discovering a Portuguese Filmmaker

Portuguese cinema has been considered one of the most diverse and richest in Europe for many years, featuring exceptional, headstrong directors from the now 103-year-old Manoel de Oliveira all the way to the young generation, including Miguel Gomes and João Pedro Rodrigues. In between there are a number of outsiders and ghosts, of the unrecognized and the forgotten. Probably among the best-hidden and most important, according to Miguel Gomes, is his somewhat older colleague and friend Manuel Mozos. At the Viennale’s invitation, Gomes has conceived and annotated a program of selected works by Manuel Mozos. Born in 1959, Mozos created a cinematic oeuvre comprising a handful of works, situated between narrative films and documentaries, cinematic essays on the history of Portuguese cinematography and the city of Lisbon, and, most recently, Ruinas, a wonderful entwinement of image and language about the decay and disappearance of everyday architecture in his home country. His central work, Xavier, which wasn’t completed until 2002 due to many years of obstacles, is a key film in Portuguese cinema.
Manuel Mozos has compiled a small private history of Portuguese cinema for the Viennale that will complement the presentation of his own works. Five selected films, five wonderful positions.

In the presence of Manuel Mozos.