In Focus: John Torres

A new voice of independent Filipino cinema

He is a poet among Filipino filmmakers, who work outside the commercial film industry. John Torres has developed an idiosyncratic cinematic syntax, in which on- or off-screen spoken texts, including poetry of local authors are of great importance. The imagery and narrative structure of his feature films is not prosaic, but associative and fragmented. Torres realizes his projects, supported by staff in personal union as a producer, screenwriter, director, cinematographer and editor.
Lovesick he was, when he shot for the first time. His longtime girlfriend left him in 2004 and he processed his feelings in the short film TAWIDGUTOM, which was presented at international festivals. His feature film debut TODO TODO TERO was awarded a prize at the Vancouver Film Festival. In the following works Torres developed his creative expression and established himself as an independent artist.


LUKAS NINO is also part of the series In Focus: John Torres!