In Focus: Alberto Grifi

Alberto Grifi

Filmmaking between Experiment and Politics

Alberto Grifi (1938–2007) was one of Italy’s most important, and at any rate most aesthetically multi-faceted avant-garde filmmakers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that his work is also adequately known. On the contrary, only two of Grifi’s works achieved some international fame – at least temporarily: LA VERIFICA INCERTA, an early major work of found-footage film, and Anna, an epic about the failure of alternative culture at the limits of circumstances and personal narrow-mindedness. Dadaist media analysis on the one hand, and re-discovery of neo-realism for the early video era on the other. These are just two facets of an ever-fascinating oeuvre in which each work occupies a somewhat solitary position. Grifi stands for a cinema of constant change, a permanent revolution of vision as well as life, a continuous search for new, meaningful and appropriate forms of togetherness. As part of the presentation of the posthumously restored long version of ANNA, the Viennale will show all of Alberto Grifi’s major works, thus offering a rare opportunity to study this exceptional filmmaker.

In the presence of Annamaria Licciardello/Cineteca Nazionale and Associazione Culturale Alberto Grifi.