V'23 Fischerleuchte

About the V'23

Last year, we celebrated the jubilee of the 60th edition of the Viennale. This year, we’re celebrating the art of film for the sixty-first time – with a packed program and all the activities that make up a festival. In the first instance, in the cinema with films, of course, but also in the spaces set up all around Vienna in the corresponding supporting events.

Sujet Viennale 2023 © Viennale | Rainer Dempf
© Viennale / Rainer Dempf

The Viennale Festival Center is returning to the Kunsthalle, with musical events, talks and meetings, with functions for film professionals and film lovers alike. Once again, it will be a meeting place for all generations, for the Viennese audience, for non-local Viennale visitors, and naturally for our film guests from all over the world.

And once again, we’re dedicating an appropriate segment to film criticism. For instance, in the form of a workshop in which four selected young critics can advance their education and professional networking within the framework of the festival’s various activities. This Young Critics' Circle will not only promote the creativity of the young professionals; they will also contribute to the festival by making their reflections and writings accessible to the public. There will also be ample opportunities for discussions between the audience and industry representatives. In this way, what film criticism offers to all cinema enthusiasts will be brought to the fore through contemplation, reflection, exchange, and dialogue. 


Textur #6 Lisandro Alonso
Textur #6

For more than a generation, the iconic director Lisandro Alonso, born in Buenos Aires in 1975, has been considered an innovator in Latin American cinema. His six feature films to date include LA LIBERTAD (2001), LOS MUERTOS (2004), FANTASMA (2006), LIVERPOOL (2008), JAUJA (2014), and, EUREKA, presented this year at the Cannes Film Festival. The formal strength and evocative power of these features arise from a poetic and philosophical coherence that makes it possible to break away from narrative progression without the coherence being lost. TEXTUR #6 is dedicated to Lisandro Alonso and features contributions from the curators Olivier Père and Cecilia Barrionuevo, the film critics Lucía Salas and Quintín, and the film professionals Miguel Gomes and Viggo Mortensen, among others.