Film Industry Accreditation

The cost of the film industry accreditation is 40€. The deadline for this year’s accreditation is October 5. After this deadline we accept accreditation requests only in exceptional cases; the cost of the accreditation after this date will be 55€.

Please complete the accreditation form and send it to the Viennale Press Department along with the requested supporting documents.
To be considered for accreditation, please submit an original copy of the following documents:

  • The completed accreditation form
  • A confirmation letter from your company indicating your position with the company and your reason for attending the Viennale or a letter that states why you need an accreditation to the Viennale in your profession.
  • One photograph. In case you were accreditated in one of the last two years we do not need a new picture.

The festival reserves the right to make decisions about accreditation after scrutiny of all required supporting documents.

Once we have received all requested documents necessary for accreditation a member of the press department will contact you.

Zorah Zellinger

Accreditation Request Film Industry

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