Österreichischer Filmpreis: 1 x 2 Tickets

Win 1x 2 tickets for the award ceremony of the 14th Austrian Film Award!

Oesterreichischer Filmpreis

The Austrian Film Award, established by the Academy of Austrian Film, is awarded annually and honors outstanding achievements of the domestic film industry in the field of feature films, documentaries and short films.

The Austrian Film Award is intended to raise public awareness of Austrian film and strengthen cohesion within the film industry. The Academy's more than 600 members, who are made up of representatives from all professional groups in the film industry, select nominations and award-winning films in a total of 17 award categories. In recent years, the film awards ceremony has become a fixture and a major celebration of the Austrian cultural scene. The gala for the 14th Austrian Film Awards will take place in the Wiener Rathaus on June 5th 2023.

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