Tribute Warren Beatty


Hal Ashby
USA 1975
109 min

A frankly adult comedy about the sex lives of the aimless and the rich, Shampoo is also a pointed commentary on the demise of 1960s idealism at the dawn of the Nixon era. It is Election Day, 1968, and randy Beverly Hills hairdresser George Roundy is too worried about attending to all of his womens tonsorial and sexual needs, while trying to swing a bank loan to fund his own salon, to notice the fateful Presidential race. As George juggles the demands of girlfriend Jill and mistress Felicia, not to mention Felicias daughter, he meets Felicias husband Lester to get money for the salon and discovers that his beloved ex-girlfriend Jackie is now Lesters mistress. Produced and co-written (with Chinatown scribe Robert Towne) by its star Warren Beatty, Shampoo became Beattys second critical and popular success as a producer after Bonnie and Clyde, and it bolstered Hal Ashbys track record as director. (Lucia Bozzola)

  • Jay Robinson - Norman
  • Warren Beatty - George Roundy
  • Julie Christie - Jackie Shawn
  • Goldie Hawn - Jill
  • Lee Grant - Felicia
  • Jack Warden - Lester
  • Tony Bill - Johnny Pope
  • George Furth - Mr. Pettis
  • Warren Beatty
  • Robert Towne
  • László Kovács
  • Tom Overton
  • Robert C. Jones
  • Paul Simon
  • Richard Sylbert
  • Anthea Sylbert
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35 mm
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