Leos Carax
FRA 1999
134 min

\"Pola X\" - Léos Carax’ latest film - describes the picturesque constellation of figures between a successful writer, his stepmother and his young to-be wife in a castle in Normandy. Until a stranger breaks into the idyll from a foreign war zone and pretends to be a disappeared relative.
The film is Léos Carax` most argued about work, a jagged, heterogeneous opus which the director himself called his “first classical movie” and his “maybe best work”. At the same time \"Pola X\" is the first adaptation from a novel by the director, after Herman Melvilles
“Pierre or The Ambiguities”. The story of an impossible, antagonistic love between brother and sister, a strangely ambivalent film in which the greatness and failure lie close to each other. Or as one can hear once, “one cannot escape from one’s era without being punished.”

  • Catherine Deneuve - Marguerite
  • Delphine Chuillot - Judith
  • Guillaume Depardieu - Pierre
  • Katerina Golubeva - Isabelle
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