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Tatis herrliche Zeiten

F, 1967
126min, OmdU


F, 1967
, 126min, OmdU

Jacques Tati
Barbara Dennek
Jack Gauthier
Henri Piccoli
Erika Dentzler

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Monsieur Hulot has an appointment with a certain gentleman by the name of Giffard at the Royal Garden hotel, where construction work has just been completed. After losing his way, Hulot wanders through the modern hallways of glass with no prospect of reaching his destination. After stumbling out of this architectural maze into the hotel’s nightclub, he is lost in an increasingly wild party.

With “Playtime” Tati fully transcended the contemplative and classic side of his medium. It develops into a free and gliding rhythm, an acoustic composition of sounds, murmurs and fragments of dialog, an architectural tour de force, and finally a liberating and associative physical game.
“Playtime” is both a cinematic monument and a unique and seemingly never-ending celebration of the senses.