Arbeiter, Bauern
Danièle Huillet
I, FRA 2000
123 min

Just as they previously did with Cesare Pavese in \"From the Clouds to the Resistance\", the Straubs bring to the screen Elio Vittorini, a great Italian writer to whom they remain true over a number of films. \"Workers, Peasants\" tells the story of a practical, political utopia: the attempt to create a new, different society among the Greeks immediately after the war. The subject is very dear to the Straubs. In their films, they repeatedly preoccupy themselves with questions on how we define a people and nature and what a people and nature really are. And no one has ever made comparably good films on that subject except, arguably, John Ford.

  • Angela Nugara - Witwe Biliotti
  • Giampaolo Cassarino - Pompeo Manera
  • Enrico Achilli - Cataldo Chiesa
  • Angela Durantini - Elvira La Farina
  • Giacinto Di Pascoli - Cattarin

Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet Via dell'Imbrecciato 257 00148 Rom, Italien