Leos Carax
FRA 2006
1 min

An act that calls for concentration. Leos Carax's face appears to be turned inwards, only the cigarette he lights triggers movement. He turns his back to the camera and heads for the place in front of the computer. The fact that the room is decorated with burning candles and dried sun flowers for a festive occasion could almost escape the viewer's attention. He will, however, absorb the great atmosphere, partly guided by the sounds of a chanson discernible in the distance. A romantic rendezvous. But with whom? The view over Carax's shoulder onto the work situation at the table is comparatively profane. Everything happens in the usual way. He puts on his glasses and begins to write. The words «Tonight, I stop smoking» can finally be made out on the monitor. He puts down his glasses, drags on the cigarette one last time, then extinguishes it. An ironic final ceremony for a vice that has long accompanied one? The pan to the drawer, which holds a revolver, instantly extends the situation to a far more comprehensive act of annihilation. A shot rents the course of events. This is not an effect of the story, but the experience of death as a radical subjective means of withdrawal. A sensation characteristic of this turbulent world that Carax explores in his films. An afterimage: Super-8 shots of a running child on the computer monitor - ghosts of a virtual archive. (Dominik Kamalzadeh)

  • Hervé Guyader
  • Laure Gardette
  • Emmanuel Croset
  • Leos Carax
  • Albert Prévost/Olivier Jacob
Leos Carax / Théofilms im Auftrag der VIENNALE Siebensterngasse 2 1070 Wien T 1 526 59 47
VIENNALE Siebensterngasse 2 1070 Wien T 1 526 59 47
Sixpack Film Neubaugasse 45/13 1070 Wien, T 1 526 09 90
35 mm