Silvina Landsmann
Israel, FRA 2015
99 min

HOTLINE gets to the heart of a small NGO based in Tel Aviv, a human rights organization called “Hotline for refugees and migrants”, in order to discover its work and the reality revealed through it. The organization is dedicated to promoting the rights of refugees and undocumented migrant workers in Israel. In addition to its direct service through weekly visits to detention centers and hotline services, the Hotline’s work includes also legal advocacy and public policy activities.
“I started shooting HOTLINE in september 2012, a couple of months after the 3rd amendment to the Anti-Infiltration Law was enacted.  According to it, asylum seekers who entered Israel were jailed for three years. I followed the workers of the Hotline for refugees and migrants in their routine: the young women informing asylum seekers about their rights, the lawyers fighting to liberate asylum seekers from prison, the public policy coordinator working at the Parliament's Internal Affairs Committee etc. Hotline is a live portrait of this organization, in a specific moment in time.” (Silvina Landsmann)

In the presence of Silvina Landsmann.

  • Silvina Landsmann
  • Silvina Landsmann
  • Yoss Apfelbaum
  • Silvina Landsmann
  • Gil Schnaiderovich
Silvina Landsmann, Pierre-Olivier Bardet, Comino Films, Idéale Audience


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