Klaus Wyborny


Klaus Wyborny
BRD 1973
70 min

Die Geburt der Nation climaxes a series of shorter films made by Wyborny since 1968, in which he ran rings around narrative form; his method in them was usually to introduce a film «statement» and then repeat or permutate it, playing wittily on audience expectations. That approach had a marked rapport with other German avant-garde movies of the time, but Die Geburt der Nation is a notably original extension of it: it begins the investigation and charting of an area that can be thought of as Wybornys own. Its two, complementary halves can be seen both as an essay with following notes, and as a narrative confronted with its opposite. The title, of course, invokes Griffith; an opening caption locates the action in 1911, and the first long sequence is constructed like a summary of Griffiths shooting and editing styles of that date. (Tony Rayns)

  • Christoph Hemmerling
  • Angelika Düsing
  • Peter Flak
  • Hannes Hatje
  • Nick Busch
  • Klaus Wyborny
  • Klaus Wyborny
  • Klaus Wyborny
  • Aleksandr Skrjabin
  • Klaus Wyborny
  • Randy Newman
Gobsek-Film (nicht mehr existent)

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16 mm
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