Boy Meets Girl
Leos Carax
FRA 1983
100 min

One night a man who has been abandoned by his partner meets a women who herself is in the stage of being abandoned by her partner. Just as simple one could describe the film \"Boy Meets Girl\" - if it were not at the same time a multiple, a romantic silent movie, a tragic burleske, a tale of the enfants terribles of the 80s , the impossible encounter of Buster Keaton, Jean Cocteau and Jean-Luc Godard and - as all works by Léos Carax - the very personal cinematic éducation sentimantale of his generation. These are the then about 20 years old children of David Bowie and the “Cinémathèque Francaise”, of Carl Theodor Dreyer and Serge Gainsbourg who rip off a record in the store on which one can find chansons betitled “La Solitude” or “Le mal de vivre”.

  • Mireille Perrier - Helen
  • Denis Lavant - Clergyman
  • Carroll Brooks
  • Elie Poicard
  • Maité Nahyr