And when I Die, I Won't Stay Dead. Bob Kaufman, Poet

Billy Woodberry
USA, P 2015
89 min

Born in 1925 and considered “the American Rimbaud”, Bob Kaufman contributes a singular voice to the poeticpolitical imaginings of world literature. AND WHEN I DIE, I WON'T STAY DEAD is a journey into the ferocious beauty of his work, and his insistence that poetry is fundamental to humanity’s moral survival. «The legacy of Kaufman’s poetry provides the dominant note in the film I ultimately made. But given my strong commitment to struggles for political justice, my film also weaves his artistic triumph as a triumph of radical politics surviving and inspiring against all odds. It is only justice to the facts of Bob Kaufman’s life and times that this film must attempt to recall and chronicle the countless odds he faced to find his voice and project his vision.» (Billy Woodberry)

In the presence of Billy Woodberry.

  • Pierre Desir
  • Nuno Henrique
  • Amir Manesh
  • Luis Nunes
  • Bob Kaufman
The BK Project, Rosa Filmes

Rosa Filmes

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