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Homage to Hans Hurch

27 movies for V'17

Hans Hurch always planned the Viennale in the awareness that cinema is an important medium of technical progress but one that has been threatened from the very beginning by the

Tribute: Christopher Walken

12 movies for V'16
A Tribute to Christopher Walken

Tribute: Christoph Waltz

6 movies for V'17

There was a time when we were familiar with his distinctive face primarily from TV films. Then Quentin Tarantino, the master of eclecticism, discovered him for Hollywood.

Tribute: Gonzalo García Pelayo

5 movies for V'13

With Gonzalo García Pelayo, the Viennale presents a great mystery man of Spanish cinema, a director whose work has never been shown in its entirety outside his home country.

Tribute: Harun Farocki

9 movies for V'14

The Inscription of the World

Tribute: Kenneth Lonergan

5 movies for V'16

You Can Count on Him
Screenwriter and Filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan

Tribute: Manoel de Oliveira

16 movies for V'15

How Green was my Valley

A Tribute to filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira – remembered by Pedro Costa

Tribute: Peter Hutton

21 movies for V'16

A Tribute to Peter Hutton

Tribute: Raúl Perrone

9 movies for V'15

The Man from Ituzaingó

Raúl Perrone - The Last of the Independents

Tribute: Tippi Hedren

1 movies for V'15

Choreography of Desire

A Tribute to Tippi Hedren

Tribute to Michael Caine

10 movies for V'12

If there’s one actor for whom the word “professional” is more than just another way of characterizing a pragmatic attitude to work, then it’s the great Michael Caine.

Tribute to Peter Nestler

25 movies for V'01

Tribute: Viggo Mortensen

6 movies for V'14

A Dangerous Method

Tribute: Will Ferrell

11 movies for V'13

In today’s Hollywood cinema, which isn’t exactly bursting with intelligence, inventiveness and originality, the so-called New American Comedy is considered one of the few except