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2 movies for V'12

An evening with Peter Kubelka


1 movies for V'16

Special: 5 Women

39 movies for V'12

Coleen Fitzgibbon / Narcisa Hirsch / Mati Diop / Kurdwin Ayub / Amy Seimetz

Special: Analog Pleasure

4 movies for V'16

The Film Festival as Cinematheque

Special: Analog Pleasure 2017

17 movies for V'17

Following the successful debut of this special in 2016, we will show the second series of films that are devoted explicitly to analog cinematic pleasure at the 2017 festival.

Special: Asian Delights

5 movies for V'13

Examples of a New Asian Genre Cinema in 3D – A Midnight Series

Special: Broken Sequence. Drei Positionen...

19 movies for V'14

­­Three exponents of contemporary independent cinema

Special: Carmen Cartellieri

14 movies for V'17

Her stellar but only short-lived career could have been taken from a script. Seemingly out of nowhere, Carmen Cartellieri first appeared in Hungarian films in 1918.

Special: Cinq Fois Godard

5 movies for V'14

Jean-Luc Godard as seen by five filmmakers

Special: Flesh and Blood

17 movies for V'15


Austrian Pulp: Genre Cinema from Vienna and Elsewhere

Special: Fritz Kortner

13 movies for V'14

Whether on stage or in the cinema, in silent movies or sound films, in German or English, as a versatile actor, dedicated screenwriter or exacting director: Fritz Kortner (1892–1

Special: Greece

18 movies for V'15


Greek Films from 2005 to 2015

Special: Heinz Emigholz

4 movies for V'17

Architecture is among the most important themes in Heinz Emigholz’s work, to which the 1948-born filmmaker, who was professor for Experimental Film at the Berlin University of t

Special: Ida Lupino

8 movies for V'15


Producer and Director Ida Lupino

Special: Jacques Rivette

7 movies for V'16

Cinema Belongs to Us
In memory of Jacques Rivette (1928–2016)

Special: Kinkdom Come

4 movies for V'16

The British Band The Kinks and Cinema

Special: Napoli, Napoli

12 movies for V'17

At the foot of Mount Vesuvius an astonishing eruption of cinematic creativity took place in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Special Program: They Wanted To See Something Different

16 movies for V'12

A Short Story of Eeriness

Special Program: Visual Justice

18 movies for V'18