Sofia Bohdanowicz & Deragh Campbell "MS Slavic 7"

19 Oct 2019

Sofia Bohdanowicz & Deragh Campbell "MS Slavic 7"

In "materials" we ask filmmakers to send us images, statements, stories, videos or quotes that were important for creating their work or are a documentation of it. 

"Every project has its own medium and for us the filmm is a reaction of the variables we have to work with at that specific time. For me, it’s important to move forward to preserve the energy and urgency I have toward a certain project. That matters more to me than waiting for the right amount of money and resources." (Sofia Bohdanowicz)

"A letter is a monologue and you give an idealized self or your most articulate self, not necessarily the most honest version. It feels like a plea, you’re writing it and sending and saying, “see what is inside of me!”. It’s incredibly vulnerable." (Deragh Campbell)


"A poem about Jozef Wittlin written by my great grandmother." (Sofia Bohdanowicz)


"A scanned letter as well as two envelopes from Harvard's Houghton Library which was written by my greatgrandmother (the materiality of letters/documents was a great inspiration for us)"  




"3 pages of scans from Deraghs notebook which she used to prepare for her monologues as the character of Audrey in the film (these are remarks on my great grandmothers letters)"