Ignacio Agüero "Nunca subí el provincia"

19 Oct 2019

Ignacio Agüero "Nunca subí el provincia"

In "materials" we ask filmmakers to send us images, statements, stories, videos or quotes that were important for creating their work or are a documentation of it. 

"The film comes from several simultaneous obsessions.
An elderly couple who passed through the streets of my neighborhood every day carrying bags, constituting a complete mystery. I needed to capture them and put them in a film.
The need to incorporate personal archive materials filmed by me, home videos, without thinking that I would ever include them in a film.
The need to make a film-letter from my experience of having had a correspondence with someone through handwritten letters.

These three obsessions would come together and shape a film that would jump from one thing to another, the way the mind works: changing the subject without warning. I was interested in not making a film that tells a story or tells a single main thing, but rather a film that tells nothing. When seeing that a story is starting, stop it in order to open a space for wandering, or rambling. A film of pure ramblings. Why this ? Because rambling allows me to ask questions that I had not thought about, that were not written and that appear because of not being forced to tell anything. This is the most common human experience. To face things for no purpose. For me, cinema is that. To be without purpose in front of things, in front of the images, because in this way they begin to reveal themselves and to reveal questions to me that I had not seen before. 

Here is a Raúl Ruiz idea : "in order to reach the center, go through the branches." But I would say more : Don´t look for the center, just remain in the branches."