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USA 2017, 88 Min, OmdU, D: John Carroll Lynch,
Harry Dean Stanton walks as Lucky grumpy and tragicomically through a desert town in the nowhere. John Carroll Lynch's directorial debut begins as a smooth comedy that unfolds as an ironic reflection and ends as a smart love letter to a great character actor.
In the presence of John Carroll Lynch.
Fri Oct 20th , 1 pm, Gartenbaukino
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USA 2017, 93 Min, OV, D: Peter Nicks
"Warriors who have to survive," this is how the members of the notorious Oakland Police Department, which is under federal supervision in the era of "Black Lives Matter", sees itself. However, hardly any reforms seem to take hold, the Department shakes the headlines and a sex scandal surfaces. Two years of observation, summarized in an exciting and thrilling documentation.
Fri Oct 20th.,3.30 pm, Gartenbaukino
Sun Oct 22nd.,6.00 pm, Metro, Eric Pleskow Saal
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Hongkong 2017, 119 Min, Ome/chinU, D: Herman Yau
A small comeback for the thrill of the Cantonese in the guise of a thriller, which leaves nothing to be desired: a brilliant cast - Andy Lau as a devoted boss of a bomb squad and as part of the good cause and as his opponent villain the charismatic Jian Wu a script that spins an action spiral to the other, to the unexpected end. In short: a big, a very big cinema-fun.
Fri Oct 20th, 11.30 pm, Gartenbaukino
Sat Oct 28th, 11 pm, Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus
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USA 2017, 84 Min, OV, D: Dustin Guy Defa
It is said that there are eight million stories in Naked City New York. Some of them are told in this movie. Filmmaker Defa weaves his little everyday narratives, in which seldom heard, cool soul numbers are interpolated so cleverly that the fragments ultimately result in a morality of a contemporary metropolitan consciousness.
In the presence of Dustin Guy Defa.
Sat Oct 21th, 1 pm, Gartenbaukino


USA 2016, 95 Min, OmdU, D: Eliza Hittman
The homophilic Frankie in search of a direction in his life. Settled on the beaches of Brooklyn, the film narrates poetically of sensuality and sexual futility, the Coming-of-Age story becomes a coming-out, with unexpected consequences.
Sat Oct 21st, 9 pm, Gartenbaukino
Sun Oct 22nd, 1.30 pm Urania
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USA 2017, 108 Min, OmdU, D: Geremy Jasper
Patti, because of her appearance only called "Dumbo", is a young woman, as one seldom finds in cinema. She struggles to become a star in the hip-hop business, raps herself through shopping malls and strip clubs. A cherry of the cake of american indie cinema.
Sat Oct 21st, 11.30 pm, Gartenbaukino 
Wed Oct 25th, 9 pm, Urania
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F / J 2017, 79 Min, no dialouge, D: Damien Manivel and Igarashi Kohei
Exciting road movie, in which a six-year-old paves his way through a snowy Japanese landscape. Temptations and dangers lurk everywhere.
Sun Oct 22nd, 3.30 pm, Gartenbaukino
Mon Oct 23rd, 6.30 pm, Urania
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USA 2016, 95 Min, OV, D: Alex Ross Perry
Emily Browning and Chloë Sevigny in a subtle comedy by Alex Ross Perry, who filmed gender roles and generation differences with sharp blades. But you don't see the blood flow.
Sun Oct 22nd, 8.30 pm, Gartenbaukino
Sat Oct 28th, 1 pm, Gartenbaukino
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Japan / Hongkong / China / Taiwan / Ger 2017, 129 Min, D: Sabu
The ice-cold hitman Mr. Long has to submerge in a small town after an unsuccessful assignment. There he cooks tasty soups in a snack van with the same immovable expression with which he once murdered. RYU SAN is also brutal, funny, sad and comforting, action film, drama and comedy in one.
Sun Oct 22nd, 11 pm, Gartenbaukino (OmdU)
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