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TQW and Viennale give away 2x2 tickets for

Durst. Eine performative Oper in sechs Sätzen
Sa. 28.11, 19.30, TQW Hall G

Our emotions are mighty demons that inhabit a secret garden in the midst of a dark forest. After having analysed the paradox of “auspiciousness” in her last piece, choreographer Linda Samaraweerová now turns her attention to mankind’s inability to deal with essential emotions. In Durst, she illustrates how our society’s fatal relationship with the dark side of our affects and the corresponding cognitive-compulsive behaviour has become a considerable mechanism of our time. Together with composer Robert Jíša, author Elke Laznia, artists Violetta Ehnsperg, Karl Karner and Laura Samaraweerová, Linda Samaraweerová creates an aesthetic, trans-disciplinary experimental setting to explore the dark side of society’s compulsive behaviours. Durst is a complex and subversive statement that takes on norms and the contemporary cultural taboo which enables reason to be replaced by emotions precisely because living in denial lets the emotional side pass unchecked.

Deadline for this quiz: November 1st.