2x2 tickets for the TQW

TQW und Viennale verlosen 2x2 Karten für:

Philipp Gehmacher
In its Entirety (in more parts)
Sa. 28.11, 19.30 Uhr, TQW Halle G

"In its Entirety is a choreographic work in parts that never forgets the whole. Speech, voice, movement and sound meet personal affect and biography, perhaps even overwhelming - how the whole can so easily fall apart and yet must find its way back to each other in parts. Thus back to my body and back to the stage. On this stage then arms and the body speak. And these words that could come from an inside. Do my arms also have an inside? Even if they don't protect a heart, a lung? 

© Philipp Gehmacher 

 Arms are links, they close and open spaces, are expression, touch. Are also brutal. While the corpus slowly pushes itself out of the darkness to the light, the arms stretch away from it to refer, or rather to expose fractures" - Philipp Gehmacher 

Deadline for the quiz is October 31.

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