2 concert tickets Kino im Kesselhaus

Once a month the beautiful cinema in the Kesselhaus on the campus in Krems is transformed into a concert stage. 

Kesselhaus Gewinnspiel
© Leni Renard

We are giving away 1x2 tickets for MY UGLY CLEMENTINE on 18.12.2021 at 20:30.

The genuine Viennese supergroup gathers four scene-known figures behind guitar, bass and drums - and makes themselves and us from the beginning above all one thing: A lot of fun. With a positive vibe, a strong gulp of 90s guitars including post-punk influences and a pinch of 60s soul, the quartet conjures up contemporary pop: the songs are catchy, the choruses stay in your ear, the lyrics have forcefulness and a message - and yet, above all, the incredible ease with which the quartet dusts off the old guitars takes you away.


Deadline for this quiz is October 31st.

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