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Anja Salomonowitz (A 2019)
Like a part song Anja Salomonowitz's tender approach to artist Daniel Spoerri is arranged for several voices. The first being the artist himself, a fascinating man of multiple talents. The film mainly focuses on his work with objects, his so-called snare pictures. Those pictures are also the second voice because through them the film creates an idea of resurrection. Cycles are being renewed, life begins again. The third voice belongs to the death of Salomonowitz's father and the act of mourning that loss. The fourth voice belongs to her son Oskar who re-enacts statements of Spoerri. The fifth voice is connected to the pogrom in Romania during World War II. Spoerri, coming from a Jewish family, lost his father in that time. Largely shot at the workshop of Spoerrie, the film overlaps and connects all these voices and finds a beautiful way of reaching out while understanding more about oneself. Resurrection, the films tells us, is possible when one finds a way to accept death. There are films as letters, films as songs, films as poems but one rarely hears about films as presents. Salomonowitz grants us the gift of understanding how beautiful and necessary it can be to give a film. (Patrick Holzapfel)


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